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Personalized Approach

We are a family run business that prides itself on delivering quality with every job.   Please know that we do not solicit calls.  We do have cancellations, and we invite you to get a quote by using our easy to use online estimate form.   We don’t discount our pricing, and as my father has said to everyone we do business with, “The price is the price” as far as you keep it reasonable, affordable and better than the  competitors.  We stand by our work and believe in having it done right the first time!

Excellence and Professionalism

Our highly trained cleaning professionals are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations. We clean your air ducts exactly the way you like. We use the latest methods, equipment, and technology to do the job right the first time.

Insured and Guaranteed

As an industry leader in residential cleaning, we are committed to the ongoing development of innovative cleaning procedures. Whether it‘s using environmentally healthy practices or extending the life of your air ducts and your home, we understand the power of a clean and its impact of the health of your home.

Air duct cleaning is one of the most important home maintenance tasks. Sadly, because the dirt is hidden from view, it also perhaps the most commonly neglected home maintenance tasks. Because of the nature of the outside air and various contaminants, over time, your air duct system will collect various pollutants that are hazardous to your health and safety

Why should your ducts be cleaned?

You can be harmed by many things you cannot see! Businesses and Homes each day are affected by:

313-Local Duct Cleaning helps building and homeowners rest assured that their property is safe from these certain dangers that manifest in ductwork. Our focus is to help rid businesses and homes of dangerous pollutants that can potentially lead to asthma or adversely affect persons that suffer from respiratory disease. Common symptoms and health problems caused by mold and other pathogens regularly found in duct work may include :

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

When your air ducts are cleaned, your entire home benefits and not only will air duct cleaning keep your entire system running at peak performance, it offers many other benefits including:
– Improved Air Quality
– Lowered Energy Bills
– Improved Home Comfort
– Few HVAC Repairs
– Eliminate possible allergies containing dust.

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Our Clients Say It Best

313 Local Duct Cleaning was very friendly when I booked the service. The staff who arrived were very thorough and friendly. I would definitely use them, again.

Tobias shipton
Tobias shipton,

He was very thorough with cleaning the air ducts and even cleaned our washable filters for us. He also recommended I get a filter for the return duct. The quality of work was simply amazing and we won’t hesitate to call him again for future duct cleaning.

Eulalia Rocha
Eulalia Rocha,

Michael responded quickly, I must have tried 10 different competitors.
He showed up on time, explained his work, and got the job done.
This is GREAT service.
Thank you 313 Local Duct Cleaning!!

Willie Munoz
Willie Munoz,

Great job nice people on time and notified me ahead of time. I did not have to guess on a price. I was told ahead of time what to expect. We have an old farmhouse, the ducts had never been cleaned. I would highly recommend this company. I shopped before making a decision & am glad I did.Super service!

Ragheb alama
Ragheb alama,

Thank you so much! Mike (and Eddie) 😎 were wonderful. They did a great, quality job, wore masks, cleaned up after themselves, were very polite, showed up on time and I’ll definitely be using Neat n Fresco Duct Cleaning again!!! I have also recommended them to my friends and family!!! Everything was perfect! Thank you again!

kenzie Herron
kenzie Herron,

They left my house around 5pm and the crew came around 3pm. With in these 2 hours both of the guys were very professional. They cleaned all the ducts and took before and after they finished. Jose was very nice a bit talkative. Price is good as compared to the others. I recommend 313 Local Duct Cleaning to every one reading this. Thanks

Sophia Brown
Sophia Brown,

Our technicians have received recognition for their high-quality work, including