313 Local Duct Cleaning

I spent a week researching different companies to clean my ducts. This company was fantastic, highly recommend them. No extra hidden environmental fees or that unreasonable 45$ service charge for having a high efficiency AC other companies charge.

I had called in a week prior to find out what services were available and when I called in again Eddie remembered who I was. He was very accommodating and made the booking process super easy. In contrast i had to wait over 12 hours to hear back from other service companies and some just emailed me back with no personality what so ever.

When the cleaner showed up he was very professional and friendly. Kevin did a great job of cleaning my ducts and went above and beyond to show me how to install and clean my humidifier. Turns out i was using the wrong filter and instead of pushing me to buy his products showed me where to get a replacement for cheap and what to look for to make sure it was the right one this time around.

Additionally, I got to try out their POWER SANITIZER BENEFECT product which at first I thought would be just a lot of hype. But actually it now feels a lot better in the house and I will be asking for that again in the future.